British Modernist Architecture

British Modernist Architecture. Modern Buildings & The International style in Key British Modern Buildings. Modernist architecture may seem brutal, simplistic, and crude at times.

The Modern House: A Passion for Architecture - MidCentury ...
The Modern House: A Passion for Architecture - MidCentury ... (Georgie Hall)
Modernist architecture has been influencing building design since before the Second World War. Modernist Architecture England : English Modernism. Although modernist properties have been part of British architecture for a number of decades, it seems that their popularity might be set to grow over the coming years.

British architecture by period or style, Modernist architecture by location.

In celebration of the modernist architectural movement, The Urban Developer reached out to Jack Hale and Eddy Rhead, the publishers of British-based The Architect - Jack Lynn and Ivor Smith.

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Avant-garde designs and modernism in world architecture. This film is the first in a series on British modernist architects' houses that are living representations of their modernist. But its different schools of thought have produced plenty of masterpieces that are regarded as architectural classics today.