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Modernistic Spanish Architect. Simply put, Architect in Spanish is arquitecto (when referring to a male architect), for example "I am an architect" is Soy arquitecto. More recently, the angular beauty and vibrant colors of modernism and postmodernism have nestled among the historic structures to create.

Lake Conroe Residence by Jauregui Architecture Interiors ...
Lake Conroe Residence by Jauregui Architecture Interiors ... (Jayden Powell)
We take a look at ten Spanish architects to watch right now. That's what a group of architects and IBM teamed up to find out. he was a Spanish Catalan architect famous for his modernist style and his unique and individualistic styles. Architect Ricardo Bofill works on a project with his employees. "Slowly, with the valuable help of Catalan craftsmen, the cement factory was transformed, but it will always remain as an unfinished.

I was tending to agree with your modernistic approach to these matters which is perfectly in keeping with the need to change with the.

William Lescaze Declares It Appeals to Wide Variety of Human Needs COMMENDS NEW PRODUCTS Sees World's Fair Arousing Popular Interest in Well Designed Buildings Architectural. modernistic in a sentence and translation of modernistic in Spanish dictionary with audio It is an exclusive place with modernistic decoration and chill-out ambience, where you will enjoy elegant and.

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Dan Cruickshank, a leading architectural and historical buildings expert, shows us these important structures which helped to launch modernistic architecture in Great Britain.. Spain is renowned worldwide for both its architecture and its architects. See Placa Reial in Barcelona, Villa El Capricho at Santander, Episcopal Palace at Astorga.

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