Modern And Postmodern Architecture

Modern And Postmodern Architecture. The reaction to Modernism and the Modern Movement. I stand by my diagnosis of postmodern architecture as just another modern distance from history, and my argument that that modern architecture's proclaimed distance from history was itself an illusion.

History of Post-Modern Architecture - YouTube
History of Post-Modern Architecture - YouTube (Lucile Becker)
Modernism was focused on science and progress and objective truth. The neo-plasticism style had a large impact on later modern architecture with its focus on reductionism. Modern architecture used to had a line, visually and philosophically; post-modern architecture just can go in any direction.

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It emerged as a reaction to Modernism and the Modern Movement and the dogmas associated with it.

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A formal impasse of modern architecture was not a quintessential problem. Modern architecture was mostly based on a principle first determined by the American architect Louis Sullivan - form follows function. Though detractors of postmodern architecture have deemed it "ugly" and "superficial", it's hard to ignore the impact the resulting buildings have had on.

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