Ponte City Apartments

Ponte City Apartments. Ponte City, Africa's tallest apartment block, is a mainstay of movies about the end of the world—but it was once an apartheid-era architectural triumph. Ponte City was built as a Johannesburg landmark, and became one for all the wrong reasons.

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Africa’s highest event venue set to open in iconic ... (Rosie Rogers)
The ponte apartments are not abandoned. In the heart of Johannesburg, there is probably no building more notorious than Ponte City. Ponte is actually in pretty good condition these days, far from abandoned.

Ponte City is an apartment block on the outskirts of central Johannesburg.

Ponte City Apartments (it); Tour Ponte City (fr); Ponte City Apartments (ru); Ponte City (de); آسمان‌خراش.

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Its circle of apartments, seen from inside the core at right. Hello, Thank you for your contact and interest in ARTS IN City Apartments Ponte Nova. Inside Ponte, apartments started to get crowded and grimy.

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